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What to Expect?

The team from “The Feelings Teacher” looks forward to helping you. When you become our client we feel like you also become our friend.

We understand how overwhelming life can be and we are passionate about helping each child, young person, family and school.

Your initial contact with us will be by email. This will be followed by a phone call, then a personal consultation.

The Feelings Teacher will plan your child’s intervention which will be designed specifically for them based on her initial consultation with both the child and the parents. 

When you book your session with The Feelings Teacher, she is there to provide the best service and support for your family’s needs at that moment in time. It is not unusual to have a session where The Feelings Teacher spends much of the time with the parents. You are the one who will raise your child and you know them best and you know what you need.



Most children and young people have their sessions in their own home (if London based) unless there is a need for the sessions to be carried out at another place such as their school.

For our overseas clients sessions are conducted via internet.

Why are Sessions at Home?

The therapy is most effective when we have collaboration of all parts. I.e. parents, teachers and any other agencies involved in the child’s life. 

Being at your child’s home environment enables us to have a clear vision of their life and to see how much of it is affected by the household. After many years experience, Ines Gomes noticed that providing active support to parents and siblings can make a huge difference on the success of the child’s intervention.


Ideally, we visit your family once a week and each session will last for a maximum of one hour. In the first part of the session we start working with the child leaving the last 15 to 20 minutes for a catch up with the parents.

That’s hard to predict as people change at different rates.  In general, those children who are displaying more challenging behaviours have often been struggling for a long time, in this case we will need some time for your child to become comfortable with The Feelings Teacher and for us to figure out which strategies are most helpful. If there were a quick and easy solution, my guess is you would have done it yourself already? 

Usually, We would expect to see noticeable progress by twelve weeks. We may be done sooner than that it all depends on how deep routed and how complicated the situation is. We find that kids need to see the Feelings teacher regularly, on a weekly basis, for The Feelings teacher to be present enough to have a positive influence. It is rare for The Feelings Teacher to see kids for more than a year however it is not unusual for Children or teens to have ad hoc catch up sessions if the parents or child feel the need to.

Progress doesn’t tend to move in a straight line. The journey may feel like you are on a rollercoaster. Children may show quick improvements and then plateau for a while, or they might be slow to start, then take a big step forward, then hit a rough patch and slide backwards for a bit. We will talk regularly about how things are going to make sure we focus on the most important issues and that, overall, we’re moving in the right direction.


 Initial consultation and assessment: £70, sessions thereafter: £65 per hour.

Payment method: An invoice will be sent in advance for four sessions.

Each session is one hour long.


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