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Mental Health Support for Schools

For more than a decade, Ines Gomes has supported children and their families both in schools and at their homes.Ines’ dream for  The Feelings Teacher is to be able to help as many children, young people and their families as possible. The team have therefore created a bespoke series of programmes to provide support not only for children but for the professionals who work with them. There is no better place to achieve this than in schools 

Our programmes are designed and created by Ines Gomes and Gina Queely, who is head of Teaching learning at a major SEMH Trust in South East London. Now, more than ever we need to prioritise the emotional and mental health of children. COVID-19 has created an  unprecedented and uncertain time for all of us. Many children are showing signs of anxiety, trauma and bereavement from their  unique experiences and time away from loved ones. 

Our Ready to go Workshops and Mentoring Support Includes:

  • Short workshops for staff and parents 
  • Social groups for children
  • One to one support plans. 
  • Peer mediator programmes
  • Early Help


Teacher Mental Health Support

Teachers and support staff often have not received the relevant emotional and mental health training. Due to the current pressures in society teachers are having to deal with a variety of Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) issues in the classroom.

The Feelings Teacher can offer group supervision for staff to share and to brainstorm challenges that they may be facing in  and around the classroom especially during the COVID-19 recovery process.

Counselling for Schools

The Feelings Teacher delivers a range of therapeutic and emotional support in schools. Our aim is to help the high number of children struggling emotionally and at many times displaying challenging behaviours.

Our Approach Provides:

  • Supportive relationships with children and young people
  • A safe and secure learning environment where children can improve on their social skills, self-awareness and learning capacity
  • Emotional literacy development 
  • Better relationships between children, teaching and support staff
Serving S.E. London

The Feelings Teacher Implementation

The Feelings Teacher combines ‘Emotion Coaching’ with the ‘Restorative Practice’ approach to create a unique support programme of behaviour management.

Emotion coaching and restorative practice

The Feelings Teacher implementation helps to create an environment where children feel safe and secure and are able to self-regulate their behaviour and therefore be ready for learning. By reflecting on their actions and how it may affect others they are able to develop empathy towards others.

Ines Gomes the founder of the Feelings Teacher has been an accredited facilitator of the restorative Justice Council since 2017. Ines has successfully implemented her restorative programme in several schools.

What is Involved?

We can design a flexible bespoke package that will support your organisation through the process of becoming a truly restorative approach school.

Our Package can Include:

  • Initial consultation with the SLT
  • 1 whole school inset day
  • 4 hours of training for support staff at a convenient time
  • 2 day The Feelings Teacher training for up to 20 members of staff
  • Parent presentation to introduce the new school approach
  • Full 7 week peer mediator training with up to 40 children
  • Review of behaviour for learning policy
  • Implementation pack
  • Hands on support during staff training


Please contact us for a quotation as our services are tailor made and based on requirements the costs may vary.

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