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Kady our Junior Therapist


Kady started her career in 2010, with the launch of a unit for children on the autistic spectrum, within a mainstream primary school. During this time she attended several courses and worked closely with speech and occupational therapists, gaining the foundation and experience about autistic spectrum disorder. 

Since then, Kady has taught and empowered several children with a wide range of complexities including conditions, such as ADHD, Down’s syndrome, attachment disorders, and mild to complex learning and processing difficulties.

She attended University of East London to achieve a Master of science in Psychology whilst raising her first child Kyann and setting up a nurture group at a primary school in South East London.  

Kady Channer at The Feelings Teacher

Kady’s Journey as a Feelings Teacher

 In 2016, Kady started to work with Ines Gomes at a primary school in South East London. They were part of the inclusion team in which Ines Gomes mentored and trained Kady over the time they worked together.

Ines Gomes was impressed with Kady’s dedication and ability to remain clam at very challenging times. Kady proved to be a perfect Feelings Teacher character, nurturing, adaptable, creative, resourceful and most of all she always put the children first. Kady work with the child at their own pace to find the best possible way to help them understand their emotions and reach their full potential.

“Kady has a very calm and reassuring nature. She met my son at his label and worked with him to conquer his fears of writing and making mistakes. She worked on his confidence and rewarded him with fun activities. Kady helped him to label his feelings and helped him to conquer his fear of trying new things. My son really looked forward to Kady’s visits and always gave her the biggest hug when he saw her.”

Kady’s Strengths

  • Teaching children to ‘learn how to learn’
  • Tailored tutoring according to child’s ability and  temperament
  • Emotion literacy through dance and drama
  • Mentoring primary age children
  • Behaviour Management and regulation
  • Autism Spectrum intervention
  • Makaton sign language
  • PECs – Picture Exchange Communication
  • TEACCH – Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children


  • MSc Psychology- October 2018
  • Ba (Hons) Business Studies with Spanish July 2010
  •  Positive Behaviour Management
  • Early Intervention Restorative Approach Mediator – 2018

  • Emotion Coaching – 2020
  • Building language with Lego – 2019
  • PECs – Picture Exchange Communication
  • TEACCH – Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children

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Meet Kady Channer