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Helping Children Achieve Their Very Best

Ines has always had a love for children and was originally an English teacher in Brazil before coming to London in 2008. It was after being given “every challenging child to teach” that she began her journey and started to work, study and build her way to help as many children as possible.

Ines wanted to help those children understand themselves and also for those adults supporting those children to understand the underlying obstacles they may be facing.

“No child should feel guilty to be who they are, no feelings should be suppressed or misunderstood.”

Ines Gomes


Founder of The Feelings Teacher

After 15 years working in the school system both in Brazil and in London Ines decided to set up “The Feelings Teacher”. She was frustrated to see the lack of understanding for those children who were unable to achieve their full potential due to social, emotional and academic barriers.

 Her initial work as The Feelings Teacher was as an outreach therapist and training provider for parents and childcare professionals.

Ines developed an approach which combines the “Emotion Coaching” theory with “Restorative Practice” which has proven to be successful for children both at school and at home. She saw the frustration of parents and schools desperate for support for those children and young people that do not fit the criteria to access the services that they so desperately need.


  • Emotion Coaching Trainer – Emotion Coaching UK
  • Restorative Approach Practitioner – University of Greenwich
  • Counselling Children and Young People – Online Academy
  • Autism Trainer Development – National Autistic Society
  • Autism and ADHD practitioner – City & Guilds
  • Mental Health first aid – 
  • Lego therapy – Building Language with Lego
  • Child & Young People workforce / Level 3 with – City & Guilds
  • Positive Behaviour Support & handling
  • Safeguarding designated Lead

Ines is part of the restorative practice network in Greenwich and is also part of a wider network of local professionals in and around her field of child therapy and child support.

Ines’s Dream

Ines’s dream is to be able to support those that have been unable to access any help. She wants to work in collaboration with the schools and agencies such as CAMHS and children’s services and enable the early interventions that have proven to make such a positive impact on these children and young people’s lives.

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Meet The Feelings Teacher Ines Gomes